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We take you into the world of digital assets decentralized finance from ideation to go-live and beyond. We offer the best user experience possible, due to our worldwide unique technolgy for investing into Smart Contracts directly via e-Banking, without Crypto-Know-How

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Our mission

Less complicated - more users!

Blockchain applications are too complicated to use, only few people know how to handle cryptocurrencies, wallets or private keys. Our mission is enable any smart contract to send and receive EUR and CHF directly, initiated with one click and executed by an ordinary bank-transfer.

Onboarding Solution

Don't let users bounce-off due to a painful onboarding - as financial intermediary we can do KYC after the inital payment - done according to international AML standards. The service is available as-a-service to get started immediatley or on-premise as open-source using your own compliance officers.

Wire Transfer API & Stablecoins

Accept EUR/CHF and trigger bank-payments directly from your Smart Contract. Means that your Ðapps become dummy-proof can be used by ordinary people, not only by crypto-experts.


Offer tokenized securities, giving the opportunity for users and investors to hold such securities in cryptographically secure accounts. Our infrastructure partner Google operates one of the most high-performing, secure, reliable, and efficient data centers in the world, also in Zurich.


Which problem do we solve?

For Developers

We solve two pain points of Ethereum Dapps: FIAT on/off ramping and AML (anti-money-laundering) requirements. You may use our software on premise to issue own stablecoins, use our API or just our ERC20 tokens.
Check out our github pages and demo code.


For Businesses

We help to create your own platform - from ideation to rollout and operating the platform on the Google Cloud with servers in Zurich and other cities near to your customers. Our infrastructure is trusted by major banks and global comopanies. It is compliant to SOC3, GDPR and ISO27001 and implements highest securiy standards.


How it works

What you can do with Element36

As a Tier 2 verified user, you can use the following functions with absolute comfort without limits.

Add a Banking Interface to your Smart Contracts

Your customers can use an (QR-) IBAN to send EUR or CHF to your Smart Contract. You generate bank-details with your target 0x address with our API. When the payment arrives, we mint the stablecoins to the target address.

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Dapps on fire - fuelled by FIAT

Existing platforms provide secure Smart Contract for various use cases: Work with Aragon and manage your community, issue your tokens within minutes or set up da DAO (decentralized anonymous organizations). Use Uniswap and our FIAT gateway to create your own exchange within one of the largest exchanges in the world, or stream money with Use Sablier.

Outsource AML & compliance

Integrate our user onboarding procedure - we do the conversion of our Fiat tokens and transfer them directly into your Smart Contract.

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Technical Summary

FIAT/ethereum bridge

Fiat currency pegged 1:1 on a Swiss bank account. Market capitalization of a token mirrors the balance of the bank account. You may peg with your account and issue your own stablecoin.


Holding tokens of element36 means you have successfully identified yourself and are entitled for doing investments. Similar to bank statements where you see the client's name, you are able to query the Customers Identity via our API.


Made to be used in Smart Contracts. It means that you can not only use stable Fiat in your Smart Contracts but also accept or trigger wire transfers from and to banks.

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