Open Banking, Identity & Ethereum connected.

Using element36 your customers can use their bank accounts send (and receive) EUR and CHF directly into your Smart Contract. Frictionless, AML-compliant and without the hassle of using Crypto-Wallets or Crypto-Exchanges.

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Our mission

What is element36?

Onboarding Solution

Use uPort and Metamask as a second factor and decentralized ID - use element36 UI to do collect data necessary for anti-money-laundering checks. We feed back the result using a uPort attestation added to the users' ID.

Wire Transfer API & Stablecoins

Accept Fiat and trigger real Fiat payments directly form your Smart Contract. Means that your Ðapps can be used by ordinary people, not only by crypto-savvy experts.

Asset Tokens

Offer tokenized securities, giving the opportunity for investors to hold such securities in cryptographically secure accounts, fully compliant with AML rulings.


Who needs element36?


We provide a stable-coin and “Compliance as a Token”. Outsource your AML to us by using our tokens and use our automatic banking bridge to address markets beyond crypto.


With element36 it’s possible to use blockchain for ANY digitization project. Create digital platforms to manage your processes and funds. Exchange funds globally and instantly without a recurring hassle of AML processes.

How it works

What you can do with Element36

As a Tier 2 verified user, you can use the following functions with absolute comfort without limits.

Transfer money without banks

Buy and sell our Fiat tokens at our exchange where we keep the exchange rate at a constant one-to-one. Transfer real money like cryptocurrencies - which is faster and more reliable. By using our system you are automatically compliant to international anti-money-laundering rules, even if you need to transfer larger sums.

buy tokens
sell tokens
Add banking to your Smart Contracts

We offer automatic on- and off-conversion of fiat tokens. Just show them the QR-code or the bank details and your users will never notice that they interacted with a Ðapp. This way you can reach a much broader audience for your services than solely building on wallets.

Outsource AML & compliance

Integrate our user onboarding procedure - we do the conversion of our Fiat tokens and transfer them directly into your Smart Contract.

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element36 Summary

Fiat & Transparency

Fiat currency pegged 1:1 on a Swiss bank account. Market cap of crypto-fiat will always be same as balance of the bank account.

White Wallets

Holding tokens of element36 means you have successfully identified yourself and are entitled for doing investments. Any smart contract using our token will get the checked ID of the investor.


Made to be used in Smart Contracts. It means that you can not only use stable Fiat in your Smart Contracts but also accept or trigger wire transfers from and to banks.

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