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Real estate & Financing

Invest36 for the new investment class of crypto & digital assets

Our platform invest36 is a fully-fledged (reversible) ICO and crowdfunding platform to issue digital assets like those of Real Estate projects or startups. The platform (DApp) and is based on our middleware components and Smart-Contracts and show what is possible with element36. Some features include:

Issue on a private prime market: A safe and efficient marketplace for initial offering of tokenised securities.

Create organizations and investment rounds.

Define payout-milestones and votings of investors.

Digital share regitry: Show cap-table and token-holders.

Invest using ERC20 tokens, or simply with SEPA-transactions using Euro or Swiss Francs.

Get a portfolio-view of own investments.

Fields of Application


Direct investments without intermediaries


Financing with loans for private investors via your own homepage - without the costs of third-party platforms. Market your investment opportunities with your own brand and build your own digital reach - we will help you.


Solution for Dashboard & Portfolio

Invest Online

Register at Crowdlitoken.com and see how easy it can be to invest in Real Estate.


Tokenize Profit-Sharing Rights

Make real estate liquid

Where crowdfunding helps with future projects, you can use the tokenization of rental income for existing real estate, e.g. create new mezzanine capital.


Long-term investments through trading


Tokens are transferable like securities and are therefore suitable for long-term investments. Loans have a maturity - with its shares only becoming liquid through trading.Tokens represent the new, digital standard for the transfer of assets.


Our Open-Source Platform


Move your company’s equity and loan records to a blockchain and benefit from the latest developments of the capital markets infrastructure.Our platform invest36 brings together capital supply (investors) and demand (businesses) to interact directly with each other. Innovative companies and traditional business can offer tokenized securities, giving the opportunity for investors to hold such securities in cryptographically secure accounts.

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Our Open-Source Platform


SEPA <--> Ethereum Bridge

Accept SEPA payments in Smart Contract

Our bridge lets you synchronize stable coin with a SEPA bank account based on EBICS interface

Create your own stable coin or use our platform

Create blockchain based digital process e.g. for crowd-funding, digital assets or decentralized finance.

element36 fiat-sepabridge


Our Stablecoins

We are currently offering Euro and Swiss Francs within the SEPA network. CHF36 and EUR36 are fully pegged at your own bank or within the Regulatory Sandbox up to 1 mCHF at Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, Switzerland and up to 100 mCHF with Fintech-Licence.

CHF36 Token
Total Supply
1000000 CHF36
Bank Account Balance
1000000 CHF36
EUR36 Token
Total Supply
1000000 EUR36
Bank Account Balance
1000000 EUR36

AML for decentralized Identities

Compliance Desk

Back-office solution for compliance officers to conduct AML & KYC checks. Integrates with following standards:

uPort uPort DID & Wallet

Issue AML attestations with uPort identity solution. uPort can be used to log onto other services and carry your attestation with you.

MetaMask MetaMask Whitelisting Wallets

The most popular wallet solution is supported. Create attestations on anonymous wallets addresses. With identity attestations, wallets can be used like identiy cards for authentication and proof for source of funds.


KYC Verification Process

Two steps for a successful verification (KYC)

Tier1 Tier1 Bank Transfer

Tier 1 means, their personal information got (automatically) confirmed via a bank transfer.

Tier2 Tier2 Identity Confirmation

In Tier 2 status, legal documents confirm their identity and source of funds.

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